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New 20/20 Vision

2018-2019 Academic Year is dedicated to a concerted growth emphasis.  The 20/20 Vision is more than just a borrowed cliché.  It is a clear effort to increase our numbers.  20 new students and 20 new supporting churches.  It is our belief that reaching these goals will greatly improve our ability to meet the goal of training pastors globally.  Review the remaining portions of our site and see all that God is doing.  

Our Focus: Training Christian Leaders worldwide

Our First International Graduating Class

Our history since 1972 has been to educate Christian leaders including business owners, teachers and Pastors.  However, our new scope has narrowed and focused. 

We have expanded to International, and streamlined our focus into 2 educational tracks: Making Disciples & Training Pastoral Leaders.  We Partner with www.fryerevangelism.org Click the link for an exciting review of how this Partnership reaches thousands of new believers and starts new churches.

Making Disciples

Our curriculum is specifically designed to give each Disciple a thorough understanding of the Bible and a general education in Practical Theology along with "how to" skills of discipleship so they can Make Disciples one generation  after another. 

Training Pastoral Leaders

In any "spiritual awakening" there is a host of both disciples and spiritual voices. This Division of TBI is directed exclusively in the preparation of Ordained Leaders of the modern Church.

Making Disciples worldwide


These 10 General Biblical Education courses are spread over 2 years. It allows a student to constructively organize themselves to meet their discipleship goals.  These studies gives a clear path to follow as one inters the Disciple-making process.


This degree uses 1/2 of the Certificate courses and adds the needed core courses to make the Associate Degree a broad and acceptable degree to employers.  This year will require a declared Major so the student will be qualified to enter the work force ahead of most degree colleges.


Once a student receives his/her Associate and want to continue their education, They will be required to complete the remaining Gen Ed classes and their Major course deficiencies. Transfer Students will be adjusted accordingly.

Training pastors Worldwide


Since 1972 Temple has trained Pastors, Christian Business leaders & Christian Educators.  We continue our focus but have moved it worldwide. We also now offer online studies to reach all 50 states.


In the revamping process of Temple, God has opened the door for us to reach and train  Pastors and Christian Leaders in the Ivory Coast who have little opportunity for biblical education.  We  have become a true "Missionary" training institution.



We are located on the island of Mindanao, the most neglected island of the Philippines 

materially, financially, but most of all SPIRITUALLY! 

By the grace of GOD, our Bible College has been teaching and training for the past 10 years now, and we are beginning to see the fruit of sowing the seed of GOD'S WORD in 

the fertile hearts and minds of the Filipino people in Mindanao. 

   When we heard that your organization can provide curriculum in the CEBUANO LANGUAGE 

our hearts jumped for joy! This is such a TREMENDOUS NEED in our part of the world. 


Certificate Diploma - 30 Hours

This Certificate Level is the first step for beginning Bible Students.  It is 30 hours of concentrated study in where 15 hours in books study and 15 hours of a combined Reading and Practical Ministry.

Associate Diploma - 60 Hours

This is our 60 hour diploma that is a concentration for Bible Students and gives them the same as a degree with a Major.  The primary purpose is prepare the Ministry Student for actual church ministry with the same credentials as the normal 4 year degree.  Many of the Gen Ed courses have been pushed into the Junior and Senior years.  These two years are required of all students regardless  of their majors.

Graduate Diploma - 90 Hours

After receiving the two foundational Diplomas, This year is dedicated to building on the other educational needs of the student.  A second major or extended focus are all possibilities.  

Bachelor Diploma - 120 Hours

This is the typical 4 year diploma (degree) that is equivalent in most colleges.  Even though we have rearranged the order in which courses are taken, this diploma covers the same required studies.  

Seminary: Master's - M.Div - D.Min

These Post Graduate Studies are offered and are entered after personal interview with the Administration.  The course of study is designed specifically for the students personal goals.

Transfer Students

All transfer courses will be applied accordingly. The student will then follow the above course of study.

Core courses - Password Protected

Certificate - Year 1

* Orientation - Constitution 101

* Science - The Rocks Cry Out 

* Math - The Real Life MBA

* Bible - Study Methods

* Bible - OT Survey

* Bible - Doctrine Survey

* Discipleship - Personal Spiritual Life

* Evangelism - Evangelism Explosion

*Practical Theology

* Research of Classic Lit 1

Associate - Year 2

* Orientation - 7 Habits

* Science - Creation Science

* Math - In Process

* Bible - Church History

* Bible - Teaching or Preaching Methods

* Bible - Ministry Admin/Education 

* Bible - NT Survey   

* Practical Theology

* Research of Classic Lit 2

Bachelor - Year 3 & 4

* General Education

* Electives

* Transfer Students Certificate & Associate core courses are taken during Year 3 & 4.



Our Registration Fee is $200 per year.  It is payable before any Institution activities are available to the student.  Payable below thru PayPal.


The tuition at TBI is $100/credit hour or $300 per course.  It can be paid monthly at $200/month via PayPal Below. 

Each Diploma cost must be paid up before student can proceed to the next level.  SCHOLARSHIP are available thru our Macedonian Project.

Macedonian Project Scholarship is our program where churches support TBI $100/month.


All donations support TBI in 3 ways:

1.  General expense of the Institution

2. Training trips to train needy Pastors

3. Tuition for Pastors who live in areas of the world and have no ability to pay tuition due to economic hardships.

Donations can be made via USPS or PayPal below.

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