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Temple Baptist Institutes

Welcome to Temple Baptist Institutes

Our Institutions' Focus

Our First International Graduating Class

Our history since 1972 has been to educate Christian leaders including business owners, teachers and Pastors.  However, our new scope has narrowed and focused. 

We have moved International, and streamlined our focus into 2 educational tracks: Making Disciples & Training Pastoral Leaders.

Making Disciples

Our curriculum is specifically designed to give each Disciple a thorough understanding of the Bible and a general education in Practical Theology along with "how to" skills of discipleship so they can Make Disciples one generation  after another. 

Training Pastoral Leaders

In any "spiritual awakening" there is a host of both disciples and spiritual voices. This Division of TBI is directed exclusively in the preparation of Ordained Leaders of the modern Church.

Making Disciples


These 10 General Biblical Education courses are spread over 2 years. It allows a student to constructively organize themselves to meet their discipleship goals.  These studies gives a clear path to follow as one inters the Disciple-making process.


This degree uses 1/2 of the Certificate courses and adds the needed core courses to make the Associate Degree a broad and acceptable degree to employers.  This year will require a declared Major so the student will be qualified to enter the work force ahead of most degree colleges.


Once a student receives his/her Associate and want to continue their education, They will be required to complete the remaining Gen Ed classes and their Major course deficiencies. Transfer Students will be adjusted accordingly.

Pastor Training

Certificate for Pastors - 30 Hours

These 10 courses are the core curriculum for both the Certificate and Associate Degrees. In addition there are requirements in Reading the Christian Classics and Practical Application of Theology in the local church

Associate for Pastors- 60 Hours

Our Associate Program is designed to give each student an advantage in their biblical requirements.  This allows each student to qualify for service on a church staff before receiving their Bachelor's Degree.  It is at least a two year advantage in Ministry opportunity

Bachelor for Pastors - 120 Hours

The Bachelor's Degree is the final step for most degrees in most colleges.  At TBI it is the culmination of 4 years of preparation for life's calling.  However, these last two years includes our General Education courses.  It is our Temple Advantage in building strong church staffs.

Master in Bible - 30 Hours

Our Master's Program is similar to other institutions.  Our difference would be to accept life achievements that meet the Master's level.  No more than 20% of the degree requirements can be earned on any level of post graduate work.

Master of Divinity - 60 Hours

Our Master's of Divinity is 1/2 of the course requirements a student needs in the PhD degree.  It can be a stand alone degree as well.  Coordination of course work is vital and necessary.

PhDs - 90 Hours

This degree is designed specifically to meet life goals.  There is no set curriculum although there are some core courses. This degree requires a book to be written in place of a dissertation. 

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